Resurfacing/Chemical Peels - $100

Lactic Peel - For brightening and lightening while increasing moisture retention. This exfoliating treatment utilizes an alpha hydroxy that is less irritating and has no visible downtime. Ideal for all skin types especially sensitive.                           

Glycolic with Stem Cell Peel - Collagen stimulating for dry or sensitive skin types to reduce the signs of aging. This peel decreases fine lines and wrinkles while evening skin tone and texture.  (peeling will occur)

Skin Brite Peel - A unique peel made specifically to address hyper pigmentation and dark spots due to sun exposure and scarring. This peel helps to suppress melanin activity and lighten discoloration. Great for darker skin types. (peeling will occur)

SalicylicPeel - Great for thick, oily and acneic skin. This peel deeply cleanses by removing dirt, oil and debris inside the follicles. Reduces breakouts, clogged pores and inflammation of the oil glands. (peeling will occur)

Jessners Peel - Ideal for clients with cystic acne & pigmentation issues, this peel works to reduce follicle blockage and regulate oil production while decreasing breakouts. (peeling will occur)

TCA Peel - Excellent for acne, lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, stretch marks, sun damage, lip lines, age spots and general scarring. This peel helps to even pigmentation and reduce fine lines. (peeling will occur)

Power Pumpkin Peel -  Perfect for clients with sensitive skin, all natural pumpkin & papaya enzymes safely dissolve surface skin debris and leave skin feeling soft, refreshed and visibly brighter. (peeling will occur)