My story - Why I chose to become an esthetician

Many times I am asked why I became an esthetician. I suppose this is mostly because male estheticians are rare so it's interesting to people. I'm not seeking sympathy by any means but maybe my story can inspire or help someone else who has experienced a similar situation.

Ten years ago I was the victim of a hate crime. I was with my boyfriend and confronted first by being called names, second by being choked and third stabbed in the neck.

The weapon my attacker used was a hollow metal pole. Because of the blunt force trauma, the stabbing caused quite a bit of scarring on my neck. When I returned to work, most of my regular customers were appalled that this had happened. One customer in particular was very upset and began to ask questions about how I planned on minimizing the scar. This aspect hadn't even crossed my mind, I felt lucky to be alive. She was incredibly kind and offered to help me minimize/reduce scarring. She returned later during my shift and proceeded to give me scar therapy patches, spf and many other things to help. Every day for weeks, she would stop in to see how my healing process was. She was incredibly knowledgeable about skin and how to care for it. Eventually I asked her "are you a dermatologist"? Thats when she told me that she was an esthetician. I knew immediately I wanted to be a part of the industry. I had never even heard of the profession so I of course began to ask more questions. She was more than happy to answer and eventually became not only my inspiration and mentor but also one of my closest friends.

Through this experience I have gained so much. A lifelong friendship and the passion for a career that I truly love. I am incredibly lucky and never take a day for granted.

For reference, below is the before picture of my neck and the damage that was caused. This was before being cared for by an esthetician.

Much much love,